The GeoGame project now has a two-year NSF grant from the Cyberlearning program to develop and study learning with geography-based games! Using a design-based research approach, we will develop a new Esri-based technology platform into an online map game learning tool and look at how learning happens within a GeoGame such as the 'Green Revolution' scenario.

The main goal will be to better understand the opportunities and obstacles presented by GeoGames for learning with role-play games/simulations. Under this portal we will look at some more specific questions about how people learn with integrated online GIS and gaming technology, such as:

  • What is a GeoGame? - key components and functionality that can help and guide others to develop similar technology
  • What does a GeoGame provide in terms of authentic experiences, student engagement, and higher-order thinking?
  • How does specific GeoGame affordances (access to rich geographic information, particular game mechanics, collaboration opportunities, etc) help/hinder learning?

Click here for a summary of the proposal and here for a video presentation of these ideas from GeoDesign 2010.